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Looks like the blog got two mentions in the Portland Phoenix this week, an honor usually reserved for hot new ska bands.

The first is the Diamon column. The second is in this piece on the differences between television and blog coverage of the Sarah Palin rally.

Maine DNCC Coverage

As other Maine bloggers, journalists and activists head to Denver for the Democratic National Convention, I'll be in Bangor enjoying the folk festival.

That doesn't mean, however, that you can't find the best Maine DNCC coverage right here. Or, more specifically, a little to the right of here in the sidebar. There you'll find the MP Democratic Convention aggregator, which will update every 15 minutes and link to content from Mainers who are actually there, including:

Gerald - TMB
Jessica Alaimo - PolitickerME
Crazy Eddie - TMB
Tracie Reed - Delegate
Craig Hickman - Delegate

MPBN reporter Barbara Cariddi promises to have a blog soon as well.

If you prefer an html page version of the feed, click here.


The senate piece made the front page at DailyKos, can't ask for a much higher traffic hit than that.

Selling Out

OK, Down East Magazine isn't quite "The Man", but I'm sure it's on his reading list.

Today I wrote my inaugural post for my new weekly blog at Down East, "The Tipping Point". This week I take a more in-depth look at the BIW naval contracts issue as well as note some of the political happenings that occurred over the last few days.

I'm still working out the format of the blog, but expect something new every week right here.

Back in Beige

Thanks to Al Diamon for the plug.

Now, “Maine Politics” is back, and it’s as good as ever. Tipping’s take on how GOP U.S. Sen. Susan Collins stole the news-coverage thunder from Democratic challenger Tom Allen on recent endorsements by education groups is not only astute about politics, but sharp on the media angle, as well.

About the Blog

Hi, I'm Mike Tipping.

I started Maine Politics in January, 2005 and wrote regularly for about a year before my job got in the way. I restarted the blog at its present location in July of 2008 and wrote here for several years until my other writing commitments caught up with me.

I now write a a blog for the Bangor Daily News and a column for the Portland Press Herald.

I live in Westbrook and work as communications director for the Maine People's Alliance and the Maine People's Resource Center.

Feel free to drop me a line.