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Blog Apology

Time for one of those cliche blog posts where I promise to write more: Sorry guys, I've been engulfed in the People's Veto signature gathering effort lately and haven't written much here. (I haven't even found time to crosspost my pieces that have been published at Down East and in the Kennebec Journal and Morning Sentinel.)

Now that the signature drive is over (and wildly successful!) I'll try to be a better blogger.

Welcome to the New Maine Politics

Hi and welcome back to Maine Politics. If you read the site before the recent redesign and relaunch, you'll notice quite a few differences.

The biggest change is that the site will now feature the writing of a bunch of people who are much more interesting than I am. In the three and a half years the site has been up and running, I think I've previously invited only a single guest post. Now, the majority of the writing on the site will come from keyboards other than mine.

The awesome people who have agreed to write regularly here have a wide range of interests, but I asked all of them to be part of the site (or they asked me and I enthusiastically agreed) for the same reasons: they're all smart, have strong voices and I personally wanted to read more from them.

I think the three new authors who have posted so far have shown how well this experiment might work.

Nicola Wells, a director at the League of Young Voters of Maine has written with a sense of capable optimism I find difficult to muster right now and which will be essential for creating positive change in Maine.

John Kosinski, a long-time progressive activist and organizer, now working for the MEA, broke news on the race for MDP chair; the only election happening in Maine right now. He was bold enough to offer a thorough analysis of the race and a prediction of the winner. We'll find out if he's right this weekend. Read more »

Tedious but Important Work

That's what Michael Cuzzy said about MP today in a PPH op-ed. Actually, I find it fun, or I wouldn't do it.

In other print media news, you can find some of my thoughts about tomorrow's election in the weekend BDN.

Maine Politics on Hardball

Nice to see the blog cited by Chris Matthews. Add Hardball to the long list of outlets following up on this post.

National Blogstorm Over Republican Platform

There's been a huge spike in traffic to the blog since my post on the new, crazy Maine GOP platform.

Here's where most of the traffic is coming from (updated as other sites pick it up):

The New Republic
Political Wire
Daily Kos
Common Dreams
Little Green Footballs
Washington Monthly
The Washington Post
Huffington Post
William Gibson
The Week
Crooks and Liars
The Randi Rhodes Show
Think Progress

Sun Journal Chatted

You can replay the livechat with me and Sun Journal editors Tony Ronzio and Scott Thistle here.

We discussed a bunch of topics, including the 2010 gubernatorial race, the political demographics of Lewiston, the respective political futures of Hannah Pingree and John Frary, and Sen. Damon's equal marriage bill.

On that issue, I asked Ronzio whether the Sun Journal would be joining the Portland Press Herald and the Bangor Daily News in endorsing same-sex marriage. This was his response:

We've advocated for respectful debate on it, without one way or the other. No decision yet, but one will come sooner than later.

Sun Journal Live Chat

This sounds interesting:

Please join Sun Journal Editorial Page Editor Anthony Ronzio and political blogger Mike Tipping for a live, online chat at noon Monday, March 30, on sunjournal.com.

Tipping blogs about Maine politics at Mainepolitics.net and on Downeast.com's "The Tipping Point." They'll talk about the 2010 gubernatorial race, the State of the State, Gov. John Baldacci's new haircut and anything else readers want to chat about.

Everything, as always, is on the table. And no registration is required.

Full Disclosure

The last few weeks have been one of the craziest stretches of time in my life. I've had finals, the holidays, a job search and a 600-mile move and I'm just starting to get adjusted to my new home of South Portland. In the midst of this, the blogging on this site has become a bit anemic. I hope to get back to a more regular posting schedule soon.

My new job, which I began just a couple days ago, is Communications Coordinator for the Maine People's Alliance and the Maine People's Resource Center. I'll be working on a variety of issues and campaigns, but my main focus right now is editing and publishing the Citizen's Guide to the 124th Maine Legislature. I'm learning a lot of new things about Maine's legislators in the process, some of which I'll be sure to share here.

I've always had political and philosophical leanings that have informed my writing, but now I'll have more practical interests as well, as the organization I work for is directly involved in a wide swath of progressive issues in Maine. Be sure keep my potential biases in mind as you read the blog.


I've got a lot going on at the moment, so posting will be sparse to nonexistent for at least the next week or so. Subscribe to the RSS feed to be notified of new content.

Election Prediction Betting Pool

Think you know what's going to happen when the polls close on Tuesday?

Click here to make a prediction. The winner will be announced on Wednesday.