Lawrence Lessig: Maine Lessons

In case you missed it, Lawrence Lessig's excellent presentation from the Maine Citizens for Clean Elections event celebrating 10 years of clean elections in Maine:

Hello Paul LePage

I have a new favorite song.

Calling it for LePage

At the moment, the Bangor Daily News has Paul LePage with 188,789 votes and Eliot Cutler with 182,582. That's a lead of 6,207.

There are around 63 towns remaining that have not yet reported their results to the BDN.

If we take a look at the numbers these towns posted in 2006, when Baldacci won 38% of the vote to Woodcock's 30% statewide, these towns gave a cumulative advantage to Baldacci of only around 1500 votes (roughly 23,372 votes for Baldacci and 21,835 for Woodcock).

This race is much closer than eight points, so using Baldacci and Woodcock as stand-ins (despite the obvious differences between them and this year's candidates) is probably a best-case scenario for Cutler.

I don't see any way Cutler can erase LePage's lead in the precincts remaining in a much more Republican year than 2006.

Vampire Tracker

Quote of the day, from a Republican Journal piece on Mitchell's tour of Belfast:

When asked if he had come to Chase's specifically to catch up with Mitchell, the tracker offered a correction: "Not chase. Track. I'm tracking her."

No, Chase's Daily. The restaurant.

"Oh yeah," said the tracker. "Great restaurant.”

He had been at the church earlier, he said, but he didn’t want to bother the candidates there. "I don't step on holy ground," he said.

Election Pool Now Open!

Make your predictions here.

Chamber of Secrets

Quote of the day, from State Representative Cynthia Dill:

Gringotts Wizarding Bank pales in comparison to the US Chamber, but the resemblance is striking. Secret and separate vaults for Dow Chemical, News Corporation, Prudential Financial, Goldman Sachs and other corporate behemoths are filled with cash and gold coins, and guarded by gremlins resembling a cross between Dobby and Karl Rove.

The Fetal Position

Go read this great piece by Kay Rand on the days leading up to the election of Angus King.

Political Adeptness

Al Diamon on Chellie Pingree:

"The fact that she wasn't smart enough to avoid the appearance of not only conflict of interest but more importantly of being a flaming hypocrite is a real strong indication that she's not as politically adept as we all thought she was."

Not Exactly The Same Thing

Quote of the day - Green Independent Senate candidate Lynne Williams complaining in an email to her list that the tactics of Equality Maine in supporting her Democratic opponent are tantamount to the marginalization experienced by the LGBT community:

"When an organization turns on its friends, I think is time for a good soul searching. What Equality Maine is doing is trying to marginalize me as a candidate. If any community should understand marginalization, it is the GLBT community."

TIME for Pingree

Fresh off her Marie Claire appearance, Maine House Speaker Hannah Pingree has been named to TIME's "40 Under 40" list of young civic leaders.