The Union Makes Us Strong

The legislation hasn't been submitted in Congress yet, but the fight over the Employee Free Choice Act in Maine is ramping up quickly.

Yesterday, Congressman Mike Michaud, labor leaders and top Democrats in the legislature gathered at the Capitol to highlight a new study from the Center for American Progress that predicts a 5% increase in union membership would lead to an infusion of $77 million into Maine's economy.

WLBZ has footage from that event as well as a press conference held by Maine business lobby leaders the day before:

Passage of this legislation will likely require the votes of at least one of a small group of moderate Republican senators, which includes Maine's Snowe and Collins. After a barrage of anti-union ads during the last elections, both senators have voiced their opposition to the EFCA, but groups both for and against the bill obviously think there's a chance one of them will change their mind or could be convinced to vote for an amended version.