Todd Palin Dodges Maine Reporters

Todd Palin's campaign visit to Maine's second congressional district was marred to a degree by the release of a report by the Alaska legislature which found he was complicit in his wife's abuse of power as governor. The local fallout was mitigated, however, by Palin's refusal to answer any questions or speak to Maine's media.

While coverage in southern Maine focused heavily on the report, with the Press Herald mentioning it in the sub-headline of their AP piece, and WGME making it a highlight of their coverage, some 2nd district outlets (the ones the campaign cares about) focused more on the rally. Bangor station WLBZ's coverage mentions the controversy only as something Palin's supporters reject, and Judy Harrison, on the Bangor Daily News website, puts a mention at the bottom of her story (the BDN doesn't publish on Sunday).

Based on their website, it seems The Lewiston Sun Journal ran an AP piece on troopergate and seems to have reprinted some of the BDN's coverage of his Palmyra rally.

The best front page for the McCain campaign so far seems to have come from the Morning Sentinel, which covers some of the second district. The headline was "'FIRST DUDE' VISITS" but troopergate did get a mention above the fold. The Kennebec Journal, based in the first district, went with the somewhat creepier headline "MCCAIN HUNTS MAINERS". I imagine he has a private island somewhere where he conducts these hunts.

Several outlets noted that the press were denied access to Palin, with Jessica Alaimo of PolitickerME reporting that "Officials from the Republican Party told the press that they couldn’t ask Palin any questions."

One reporter did get to talk with Palin, but instead of asking questions it appears Cindy Michaels from Bangor station WVII asked for an autograph. WVII doesn't put their broadcast online.