Return of Scontras

Dean Scontras, who lost the CD1 Republican primary to Charlie Summers earlier this year, has a new project. He and some other Republicans from southern Maine have created a political organization called The Republican Project which they hope will help to create "a statewide, conservative grassroots movement that is at least as effective as the movement of those on the left".

The nascent group has a website and a blog where Scontras explains how they hope to compete with the Democrats in the use of "texting, twitter, Facebook and other expanding technologies".

Rather than focusing on the future, however, the group seems to be stuck in the past. The front page of the site features attacks on ACORN for their work during the last election (the group doesn't even exist in Maine) and an article they link to and call a "good analysis of what GOP members need to do in order to counter the efforts of the Democratic opposition" contains rants against the Clinton administration and accuses the CIA of committing "treason" against George W. Bush.