Republicans Ruin My Fun

The online newsletter of the Christian Civic League, who are themselves a great source of amusement, reports that a 24 year-old Republican activist named Jarody (he legally removed his last name), who had been chosen by the GOP city committee as the Republican nominee for state house district 57, is removing himself from the ballot.

Jarody was a frequent commenter on As Maine Goes and, like many on the conservative site, appears to be a few fries short of a happy meal. A quick search of his posting history shows some interesting interactions, including his belief that the state of Israel should be eliminated and his thoughts about being detained by police for carrying a loaded gun around a Hannaford parking lot a few weeks ago.

Sadly for those of us who look to local politics for our entertainment, the state GOP felt that he was a bit too colorful for the party, and House Leader Josh Tardy and Chairman Mark Ellis asked him to sit out the election or face disowning by the party.

My advice to Jarody: don't go quietly. The Christian Civic League has your back (they tout his pro-life, anti-gay marriage views), and I'm sure you can find some folks on As Maine Goes that would support your candidacy (and share your delusions). Please, stay in the race and make this election a bit more interesting.