Puppy Politics

In Spetember, 2007 Senator Lois Snowe-Mello, (R-Poland) accused state animal control officers of being corrupt and faulted them for rescuing 250 animals from a puppy mill in Buxton. She stated: "What is happening in this state is like Gestapo methods of controlling people and kennels, breeders, pet centers." The quote prompted this cartoon from PolitickerME:

I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest that being anti-puppy is not a good way to win an election, which is likely why Snowe-Mello is now desperately attempting to portray herself as pro-puppy. A letter writer in the Sun Journal today notes that she has also sent out a mailer to her district touting her supposed pro-puppy credentials, and slams her for hypocrisy.

This issue might be good for a laugh in a different senate district, but in the 15th, it's serious business. Snowe-Mello barely held on to her seat in 2006, winning 51% of the vote, and she faces an even tougher challenge this year from Democratic Representative Deborah Simpson of Auburn.

It's possible that this election and perhaps even the balance of power in the senate could be decided on the issue of puppies.