Planned Parenthood Supports Allen in Unanimous Decision

Dan at Collins Watch had a scoop this morning with the news that Planned Parenthood, which supported Collins in her 2002 race against Chellie Pingree, has shifted their support this year to Congressman Tom Allen. He also notes that the decision was the result of a unanimous vote by the northern New England branch of the organization.

Jessica at PolitickerME followed up on the announcement and finds that the group made their decision after consideration of Collins' votes for Supreme Court justices who oppose Roe v. Wade.

Collins' pro-life credentials are often touted as a sign of her independence and this dis-endorsement could erode that image, but only if people know about it. What's unknown right now is if this announcement will be picked up by the wider media, if it will be made an issue by the Allen campaign, or if Planned Parenthood itself will be supporting Allen with advertising or logistical help.