More Green Conflict Now

MPBN picks up on the Green divide (basically Pat LaMarche vs. every serious environmentalist in the state):

LaMarche was featured at a Thursday event at a Westbrook car dealership promoting the More Green Now campaign. In response, the opposing campaign quickly issued a statement from another Green Independent, Lynne Williams.

"We wanted to make sure, and reiterate the fact, and set the record straight that environmentalists are not for this issue," says Lizzy Reinholt, a spokesperson for the NO on 2 campaign.[...]

The Green Independent Party, in the meantime, has not taken a position on Question 2, but plans to, says Anna Trevorrow, chair of the party's steering committee. She doesn't say which way the party is leaning, but says one question members will have is whether promoting new vehicle sales - and the production of new cars -- are in the best interests of the environment.

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