The Lamestream Media

With a continuing string of strange comments, LePage has now managed to turn his Crazy Train mistakes into a solid week of negative press. Some of the hardest comes today, with a series of editorials and opinion pieces in most of Maine's major newspapers.

The Bangor Daily News:

Mr. LePage, the front-runner in the race, according to the most recent poll, would do better to focus on the issues and not imaginary insults.

The Lewiston Sun Journal:

Democratic candidate Libby Mitchell’s handling of Republican Paul LePage’s joking inference that she is old was the perfect response — dismiss it decisively and move on.

Surely, LePage and his staff quickly recognized he had pitched her a big fat softball right down the middle of the plate early on in this race.

He ends up looking boorish and crude and she, well, dignified and, some would even say, "governly."

Bill Nemitz at the Portland Press Herald:

But now that your recent whistle-stop tour of the midcoast region has turned into a full-blown train wreck, you've announced that henceforth you'd prefer your questions from the press in writing.

So, here goes:

Question 1: When are you going to stop making stuff up?