It's The Economy, Senator.

The latest poll has Allen down by 13 points and the latest projection from the statisticians at has Allen with only a 2% chance of winning the Senate race. A strong ground game may lead to a bit closer result in the end, but things are definitely not looking good for the congressman.

We've heard a lot this election about whether or not labor unions are a front for organized crime, who has a better attendance record, and now who likes hockey more. Some of the most important issues to Mainers, however, have barely been mentioned.

Issue number one is the thousands of Mainers who are struggling economically, can't pay their health care or heating bills, and are watching the situation on Wall Street and in Washington with growing dread. Let's not let Collins get though this thing without being called on her record of working with President Bush to get us into this economic mess and her record of consistently weakening economic protections for Maine families.

I've put together a site that provides a brief summary of just a few of the most egregious parts of that record. Check it out, spread it around, and let Collins know that some of us are still paying attention.