AMF Softens Anti-Bowman Ad

Tony Payne emails over a new ad which will run in place of the one I posted previously and provides an explanation:

Mike - You raised an important point that the new taxes supported by Bowman and others were a tax shift - a trade for lowering the personal income tax. I forgot the context of that vote.

The attached ad will run in the Sentinel instead of the one I furnished. We're trying to be fair and accurate. What is clear to me is that the new taxes would raise more revenue than would be realized in income tax reductions - a net gain for spenders in the Legislature. It also would have established entire new categories of tax that as one-offs could be raised in future years because the businesses impacted by those taxes would never have the political clout to defeat such efforts. Just take a look at the beverage industry which has clout but was ambushed late at night and singled out. Thanks for the perspective.