AMF Runs Anti-Bowman Ad

As PolitickerME reports, the Alliance for Maine's Future's Maine Prosperity PAC has spent $8,000 as an independent expenditure attacking Senator Peter Bowman in Senate District 1. AMF Director Tony Payne sends along an ad which will be running this week in the Weekly Sentinel as a part of that expenditure. Click the image to enlarge.

The ad attempts to tie Bowman to a long list of tax hikes based on his votes for LD 1925, a bill that would have lowered income taxes by broadening the sales tax, and LD 2247, the bill that imposed a beverage tax to replace the insurance savings offset payments funding the Dirigo Health program. LD 2247 is the subject of the Question 1 referendum campaign.

In addition to the $363 spent on this ad, the PAC has spent over $7,500 on an anti-Bowman mail campaign.

Bowman is locked in a close race with former senator Mary Andrews. This expenditure should trigger more public funding for his campaign under the Maine Clean Elections Act.