Welcome to the New Maine Politics

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Hi and welcome back to Maine Politics. If you read the site before the recent redesign and relaunch, you'll notice quite a few differences.

The biggest change is that the site will now feature the writing of a bunch of people who are much more interesting than I am. In the three and a half years the site has been up and running, I think I've previously invited only a single guest post. Now, the majority of the writing on the site will come from keyboards other than mine.

The awesome people who have agreed to write regularly here have a wide range of interests, but I asked all of them to be part of the site (or they asked me and I enthusiastically agreed) for the same reasons: they're all smart, have strong voices and I personally wanted to read more from them.

I think the three new authors who have posted so far have shown how well this experiment might work.

Nicola Wells, a director at the League of Young Voters of Maine has written with a sense of capable optimism I find difficult to muster right now and which will be essential for creating positive change in Maine.

John Kosinski, a long-time progressive activist and organizer, now working for the MEA, broke news on the race for MDP chair; the only election happening in Maine right now. He was bold enough to offer a thorough analysis of the race and a prediction of the winner. We'll find out if he's right this weekend.

Today Ben Dudley, the executive director of Engage Maine and a former legislator and Chairman of the Democratic Party, contributed a voice of reason and experience to the topic of state social programs and the new DHHS nominee.

Over the next few days and weeks, they'll be joined by many more writers who I think are particularly important to hear from right now on state politics and policy.

Many of them, as I do, have connections to organizations, causes and campaigns. I'd like to make it clear right now that their words here are their own and don't necessarily represent the views of any group with which they might be affiliated. Neither will there be any press releases copied and pasted here (not even from me).

You'll notice that everyone is writing with their full, real names and there will soon be short bios of each of the authors available here, as I continue to work the kinks out of the new design.

Speaking of which, on the technical side, the site has been reworked to provide a much simpler display but with a much more complicated back-end which should allow for some interesting features that I'll be adding to the site over time. To start with, there's a new user registration system. To become a member with the ability to post comments, please join here.

Thanks for reading. If you have any thoughts or comments about the site or about Maine politics, please drop me a line.