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Will Gardiner

The Scapegoat Phase of the Otten Controversy

Angry twittering by Matt Gagnon and others seems to have galvanized the press into action. Most news sources in Maine have now reported on the Otten campaign's plagiarism, although mostly in a rather facile way.

The folks in the Otten campaign obviously now feel that simply ignoring the whole thing or releasing an incomplete denial won't work as well as it did the first time they were accused of plagiarism and so have elevated their response.

We now get to witness that bit of political theater where a single staffer resigns, absolving the candidate of all his sins.

So I guess it was this Will Gardiner guy who wrote Otten's education responses, his jobs plan, designed his website and (now-abandoned) logo and even created the branding for Otten's real estate development project, years before he began working for his campaign.

Thank God Les Otten stopped this serial plagiarist before he struck again.