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Charlie Webster Gets Earful for Lying About Voting

This is an incredible piece of audio, courtesy of Bruce Burgoine at Dirigo Blue. Listen as Maine GOP Chair Charlie Webster gets absolutely destroyed by WGAN hosts Ken Altshuler and Mike Violette as they challenge some of his baseless claims about student voting.


That Chicken Sound

Quote of the day, from WGAN's Ken Altshuler:

Paul has refused to come on the show since I had the audacity to ask him a question four times that he refused to answer. Gee, Paul, if you can’t stand the heat…What’s going to happen when you get challenged by a legislator? I hear that chicken sound ringing in my ears!

Losing Damage Control

Paul LePage's interview on WGAN yesterday was a chance for him to do some damage control after his string of strange statements last weekend. Instead he just dug the hole deeper, displaying more of his now trademark stubborn, willful ignorance.

The whole interview is here. Here's a good summary by Kevin Miller in the BDN and here are hosts Ken and Mike discussing things afterward on the Fox23 morning show: