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Vic Berardelli

Fellow GOP Flack Faults Demeritt

A former Communications Director for the Maine House Republicans (during the 119th and 120th Legislatures) and the Jason Levesque campaign is taking aim at the actions of LePage spokesperson Dan Demeritt in the wake of the leaking of an email revealing his plans to use government offices and events to support Republican political efforts.

Vic Berardelli, currently vice-chair of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Maine, called out Demeritt on the site As Maine Goes, not for his attempts to politicize the executive branch, but for Demeritt's decision to put his plans to paper. He writes:

The idiocy is that this was put in writing, not the content. That's totally inept and potentially politically suicidal. If it must be communicated, it should have been funnelled through third parties to establish plausible deniability. Either uttered by someone at the state party not affiliated with government or, even better, by a consultant or pundit with six degrees of separation who can float the idea and implant it among those who should be made aware without any fingers pointing back to anyone official.

Never put in writing what you can communicate with a whisper, never whisper what you communicate with a wink and a nod.