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Valerie Carr-Winocour

Absentee Voting

I received my absentee ballot in the mail yesterday from the Orono town clerk. Here's our cat Chase (named after a certain Republican senator) helping me vote.

One thing that strikes me about the ballot is the fact that I've personally met almost every candidate for statewide or local office, and have had good conversations with most of them. That easy access is one of the great things about living in a state like Maine.

The only candidates I haven't met are the woman running unopposed for register of probate and Valerie Carr-Winocour, the Republican candidate for state senate.

I always try to be a fully informed voter, so I looked up Carr-Winocour's campaign website. I almost didn't make it past her slogan: "Working for the rights of the average citizen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" but when I did I found this :

I am a hands on candidate who is there with you in the midst "LISTENING" and you don't even know I am there. I AM! I listen to what you say in a casual conversation when you are enjoying bean suppers...

I won't be voting for her, and I'm going to be looking over my shoulder to make sure she's not sneaking up on me.

Update: I'd like to apologize to Dan Billings for hurting democracy by mailing in this ballot.