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Turn Maine Blue

Mayor Dusan Blogs about Meeting Obama

Portland Mayor Jill Duson has a diary over at TMB describing her experiences as a part of the US Conference of Mayors' delegation to meet with President Obama and his cabinet.

When my turn came, he thanked Maine for the work our two Senators did to assure passage of the stimulus package and I confirmed that our state is very proud of the roles our two Senators. I asserted that we are committed to making the promise of the stimulus, real for the Greater Portland region. And we, as well as our Governor and his administration welcome the reporting process to gather data, track distribution and measure the results of this unprecedented investment.

Online Social Networks in Local Campaigns

Newly elected Scarborough representative Sean Flaherty has written a fascinating diary at Turn Maine Blue about his use of facebook and the internet during his successful campaign to unseat Republican John McDonough.

We used Facebook to distribute information about campaign news and events, but more importantly, to remind people to sign up to vote early, or if they were away, vote absentee. About once a week during the final 6 weeks, we sent a message. Each one concluded with, "Remember to sign up for your absentee ballot, call now..." I truly believe this was instrumental in helping to reminded college kids and recent grads like myself, to get their ballot early.

Facebook was also key in reaching out to the absentee voters who I didn't know. Each week, the town clerks in Maine would forward to the State Parties complete lists of people who had applied for an Absentee Ballot. The State Party said to call all these folks or send them a brochure. And I did just that. But the first thing that I did was highlight every single voter who was between the ages of 18 and 29. Then, I went onto Facebook, searched for their name, and sent them a message.

Be sure to also check out his website and facebook group.

The Internet: Serious Business

Former Democratic Executive Committee member David Bright really seems to enjoy drama.

UPDATE: PolitickerME has more, and an audio interview with Bright.