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Steve Rowe

Rowe's Endorsement

Rowe's Second Ad

Steve Rowe's second, much more serious ad:

According to reports filed with the ethics commission, Rowe spent $25,000 on his first TV ad and only $11,000 on today's buy.

Steve Rowe's First Ad

What appears to be Steve Rowe's first TV ad is now up on his youtube page.

The campaign apparently made their first TV buy on Friday.

With less money than their opponents and less time (Rowe is the last Democrat to go up on TV), the campaign is obviously looking to humor to set them apart.

I like the bear.

Dem Convention Photos

Some great photos accompany Rebekah Metzler's Sun Journal story on yesterday's Democratic convention:

Rowe's Bangor Office Opening

From WVII:


A candidate for governor says something worth listening to.

From a Rowe campaign release:

Today, Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Steve Rowe announced his opposition to proposed budget cuts to Maine seniors and families and called for a tobacco tax increase.

Rowe said, "We need to put Maine people first. The proposed cuts will hurt Maine people and will result in increased future costs for Maine taxpayers. It's wrong to eliminate home-based services for our seniors who are trying to remain independent in their own homes. These cuts will cost us more later, and will force stricken communities to raise property taxes on Maine families. In short, these cuts are penny wise and pound foolish."

Rowe explained, "The proposed cuts in areas such as prescription drugs for seniors, home and community based services for elderly and disabled citizens, and mental health services will hurt those who need such services, will result in cost shifting to the property tax and will significantly increase costs in the near future. Seniors who can't afford maintenance drugs for chronic conditions will end up in hospitals, costing us all more money. People with severe mental illness who do not receive the treatment they need, will end up in homeless shelters, emergency rooms and jails, increasing costs to taxpayers. The human costs associated with these cuts are even higher."

Rowe continued, "We can begin to solve the problem by raising tobacco taxes which will have added benefit of helping reduce youth smoking. I urge a change in the proposed budget to stop the cuts and raise the tobacco tax instead of balancing the budget on the backs of Maine seniors, children and families."

Rowe concluded, "The state budget must meet the needs of Mainers today and prepare our State for the future. These are difficult times that require difficult decisions. We must ensure that those difficult decisions do not increase future costs and result in unacceptable human consequences. Putting tobacco interests above the interests of Maine people is wrong. It's time for leadership that protects what is most sacred, and that addresses Maine's most urgent needs."

More from MPBN.

Al the Augur

Al Diamon has made his predictions for this year's gubernatorial race:

I think it’ll come down to Abbott and Rowe in November, with the Republican taking the Blaine House by a narrow margin, thanks to Cutler and Williams siphoning votes from the Democrat.

Diamon was spot on in 2006, but that wasn't exactly a hard race to forecast.

Poll Shows Mitchell Ahead

Elizabeth Mitchell's campaign has released a poll showing the Maine Senate President trouncing three potential Democratic opponents in the June 2010 primary election.

When asked who they would vote for if the election were held tomorrow between Mitchell, Steve Rowe, Patrick McGowan and Dawn Hill, 37% chose Mitchell, 20% Rowe, 10% McGowan, and 3% Hill.

In a head-to-head match up, Mitchell beats Rowe 46% to 24%.

According to campaign volunteer Jodi Quintero, the poll is independent and was conducted before Mitchell entered the race by research firm Kiley and Company. Mitchell was then approached by the firm and chose to purchase certain questions from the survey for release.

The firm interviewed 301 Maine Democratic Primary voters (a relatively small sample size) on July 21-22, 2009. No other methodological information is given. Rosa Scarcelli, John Richardson and other current and potential Democratic candidates were not included in the poll.

Daily Kos/Research 2000 also released a Maine poll today showing every Democratic candidate polled beating every Republican, except for a match up between Steve Rowe and Les Otten, where Otten edges Rowe by 1%.

Full results after the jump... Read more »

Rowe Announces for Governor

Democratic former Attorney General Steve Rowe has filed papers to run for governor in 2010 and has launched a very narrow website.

The Permanent Campaign

The pseudonymous Wally Edge at PolitickerME takes a look at possible Democratic gubernatorial candidates for 2010.

Top of his list: Attorney General Steve Rowe, who registered the websites rowe2010.com and roweforgovernor.com way back in 2006.

Not on his list: any of the unsuccessful candidates from the 1st CD primary.