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Steve Meister

Steve Meister: Advertising Success Story

Speaking of ads... Spot Runner, an advertising company that targets cut-and-paste tv ads to small cable markets is touting Steve Meister as a success story on their site. It looks like Meister selected a prefab ad and added his own face and website during his recent run for the District 1 Democratic nomination. He also cut the number of times the word "change" was used in the commercial from 8 down to a much more manageable 5. Here's the ad:

Meister is quoted on the site as saying "Spot Runner helped me get a jump on the competition, which is really what it's all about. I'm not the underdog anymore." Unfortunately, that optimism didn't stand the test of the ballot box. Meister came in last place in the election, garnering just 753 votes in the entire first district - fewer than some candidates for state representative received in their primaries.