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Stand for Marriage

Yes on 1 on the Air

The anti-gay marriage side's first ad is up.

I am suddenly very afraid of slow-motion Deb Simpson.


The anti-equal marriage campaign often tries to portray themselves as the victims, but this attempt is particularly funny:

Working out of an unmarked office in a small business plaza in Yarmouth, Mark Mutty, Executive Chairman of the Stand for Marriage coalition, says the gorup had trouble finding a place to put their headquarters.

"Many people wouldn't rent to us because of the position we're taking on this issue," he says.

Susan Sharon: "They turned you down? Said we won't take your money?"

Marc Mutty: "That's correct, said we don't want anything to do with people who are on the other side of this issue and, you know, we're considered bigots."

Michael Heath, Portland Press Herald, January 8, 1998:

"If a Maine businessman or landlord wants to discriminate against a person because of their sexual orientation, they should be able to do so.[...] 'To be discriminating.' Does that not have a positive connotation? It used to have. I think it still does."