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Social Security

Susan Collins' February Blog Interview

Scott at AMG posts an interview today that Susan Collins gave to a right-wing blogger back in February.

The questioner is a bit unhinged (in a post from last week he explains: "If you don’t like me, then f*ck you, and if you’re a foreigner, and hate me, then I want my government to blow up your country. Then we can negotiate the price of me selling the body parts of your family on Ebay.") but the interview, conducted by email, is interesting, especially this bit from the senator on Social Security:

Some have proposed investing a portion of the Social Security trust fund in the stock market as a means of building up reserves and addressing or delaying the Social Security shortfall. These investments could be made directly by the government – like our State retirement funds – or they could be made by individuals through what have come to be known as "personal retirement accounts."

We should consider a variety of proposals to improve the system, including the pros and cons of personal retirement accounts, but I would not support an effort to privatize the Social Security system.

Anyone who's been following the issue knows that those "personal accounts" that Collins believes we should consider are the privatization that people are worried about. In fact, the Bush administration only started calling them "personal accounts" after "private accounts" and before that "partial privatization" didn't poll well. I'm surprised that she was willing discuss them in detail and insist they should be considered.

As an aside, the reactions on AMG to the post so far are hilarious. The first accuses her of treason, the second compares her to the Nazis.