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SD 32

Down East - Senate District 32

I had a pretty high fever when I wrote this week's Down East post. I'm not sure how much sense it makes, but it is very long, and that should count for something.

The Bangor/Hermon seat presents a fascinating race. Both Joe Perry and Tom Sawyer have a long history in politics and ran against each other once before, in 2004. I felt myself drawn into their stories and the details of the race and ended up writing more than I intended to. Future profiles will likely be a bit shorter.

Down East: Maine State Senate 2008

Today at Down East, I post some maps I've been working on and outline some state senate districts that I'll be addressing in greater detail soon.

Here's a map of the '06 state senate election:

The colors are determined by comparing the percentage of the total number of votes (including votes for third-party and independent candidates) of both the Democrat and Republican in the race.

For example, Democrat Ethan Strimling received 8824 votes in District 8, or around 67 percent of the total. Republican David Babin received 2433 votes, or a bit more than 18 percent, and Kelsey Perchinski of the Green Independent party won 1895 votes, a bit more than 14 percent.

Subtracting Babin's percentage from Strimling's gives an almost 49 point margin of victory. The district is then shaded the darkest blue, which connotes districts where the Democrat won by more than 20 points.