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Sarah Standiford

Big Talk: Catching Up

I'm way behind on blogging, mostly because of the voting rights People's Veto campaign. If you haven't already, view the video of the launch press conference and sign up to collect signatures at protectmainevotes.com.

My apologies especially for being so late in posting last week's podcast of Big Talk, WMPG's public affairs program.

Last week, Big Talk continued it's month long focus on what's happening in the Maine legislature. Hosts Al Brewer and Suzanne Murphy spoke with Sarah Standiford, Executive  Director of the Maine Women's Lobby and Alec Maybarduk, Political Coordinator for the Maine State Employees Association.

Donload the episode here, subscribe to the podcast here.

Looking Back

Some of the work of the 2009 session of the 124th Maine legislature is still underway, as the appropriations committee works to cut an additional $30 million in state spending. Some of the biggest bills passed this session are still in limbo, as well, as religious groups work to repeal equal marriage and the Maine Republican Party seeks to repeal the tax reform legislation.

The major work of the session, however, has been over for several weeks and most of Maine's citizen legislators are now back at their real jobs.

WVII looks back:

So does Sarah Standiford, the Executive Director of the Maine Women's Lobby.