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Faith in One of America's Least Religious States

As I read "A Prayer for Restorative Justice" (full text below) yesterday, I was inspired to ponder the role of faith and morality in our current state legislative fights. An odd topic to think through in "one of the least religious states in the country," but incredibly necessary nonetheless. We've got the moral high ground in our fights- it's time for us to unapologetically claim it.

When I reflect on religion and politics in Maine my initial thoughts are rather painful. I've heard the stories about the negative role that many "old school" churches played in the fight against marriage equality. The anecdotes about tape-recorded sermons being played in churches stings this catholic girl who was raised in the spirit of liberation theology and socially responsible Catholicism (yes, there is such a thing).  Those negative experiences in political fights can make progressives run away from religion and by extension morality and faith. It can make us seek refuge in policy, facts, and personal stories. Read more »