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Ray Richardson

Birth Control, Cancer Screenings... Terrorism?

Quote of the day:

"Planned Parenthood is an abortion clinic and to me, a terrorist group, they, like all terrorist, prey on the innocent."

                                -WLOB talk show host Ray Richardson, on Facebook.

For the Lolz

If you value the rampant unintentional comedy of of the conservative message board As Maine Goes but hate wading through page after page of right-wing scribblings, you're in luck.

The anonymous author of a new site, AsMaineGoeslolz, promises to highlight the most hilarious posts and posters from the online echo chamber.

Features of the site so far include notes on some especially crazy threads, profiles of prominent posters and a hall of fame, so far inhabited only by Ray Richardson.

via Gerald

Flameout of the Day

Conservative WLOB talk show host Ray Richardson to Scott Fish, owner of asmainegoes.com (and recent communications director for Yes on 1):

What a cheap shot Scott, I thought you were above such bull shit.

Don't ever drag my wife into what I do.

No one here is worthy of the ground she walks on.

Cancel my account and take this forum and shove it up your ass.