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New Blog: Politicator

The Maine Observer, which describes itself as "Maine’s online newspaper" was recently launched by three young journalists with day jobs, Dan MacLeod, who works at the Portland Daily Sun, William P. Davis at the Kennebec Journal, and Mario Moretto at the Bangor Daily News.

Right now the site (which is in "public beta" with plans to officially launch on July 4th) features three blogs, including Politicator, a political blog edited by Moretto.

The posts so far read a lot like newspaper articles, which is not surprising considering the authors' backgrounds. Politicator currently features posts on the Republican unity rally and the Democratic unity dinner held this week, complete with datelines, photographs and a staid, newspaper-like neutral voice.

It will be interesting to see where this thing goes, and if they begin to cover topics not featured in Maine's printed papers.