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political ads

Moody Takes to the Sky

Shawn Moody is employing a rather unorthodox form of political advertising over Maine beaches this July 4th weekend:

Moody has yet to discuss any policy agenda or argument for his candidacy in interviews beyond "I'm a small businessman. I'll change Augusta" but there are signs he's taking the race seriously. Most notably: newly-sculpted eyebrows.

Culter's New Ad

Eliot Cutler's first post-primary ad:

Cutler's Moody Blues

Idependent Shawn Moody's TV ad, featuring Survivor winner Bob Crowley:

If the theme of political insiders vs. outsiders that was so prevalent in the primary continues in the general, Moody (website) may gain some traction to the detriment of fellow independent Eliot Cutler, who worked on Capitol Hill, in the Carter administration and in the world of international business.

Last-Minute Ads

Libby Mitchell's closing argument:

And new ads from Les Otten and Bruce Poliquin (via Augusta Insider) featuring, respectively, Hitler and lens flares:

Rowe's Second Ad

Steve Rowe's second, much more serious ad:

According to reports filed with the ethics commission, Rowe spent $25,000 on his first TV ad and only $11,000 on today's buy.

New Ads from Jacobson, Abbott

Jacobson's first ad, hitting the airwaves only a week before election day:

Abbott's third ad and closing argument, highlighting his endorsements by the Maine Today papers, the Bangor Daily News and support from the chamber of commerce:

Paul LePage's Ad

As of Thursday, Paul LePage is up with his first and likely only TV ad:

Steve Rowe's First Ad

What appears to be Steve Rowe's first TV ad is now up on his youtube page.

The campaign apparently made their first TV buy on Friday.

With less money than their opponents and less time (Rowe is the last Democrat to go up on TV), the campaign is obviously looking to humor to set them apart.

I like the bear.

Mitchell Ads Are Up

Libby Mitchell is on the air with two ads highlighting her work in the legislature, efforts to create jobs and endorsement by Bill Clinton.

The campaign plans to stay up until election day with a heavy buy in an attempt to solidify and maintain Mitchell's edge in name recognition.

Steve Rowe, the only Democrat not currently running ads, plans to have spots up by the end of the week.

It Had to Be Done