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Patrick Eisenhart

Maine's Only Ron Paul Delegate Speaks Out

Patrick Eisenhart was the only Maine delegate at the Republican National Convention who didn't vote in favor of John McCain, choosing instead to attempt to cast a ballot for Texas Congressman Ron Paul.

He's sent in a long look at the convention that provides a unique perspective on the proceedings. Here's an excerpt; click "read more" to see the whole thing.

The "Black Out of Congressman Paul" was so intense that only a few of the state delegations dared to utter his name when it came time to count the votes. For example the Maine delegation elected to say, "Maine casts 20 votes for John McCain" rather say "Maine casts 20 votes for John McCain and one for Congressman Paul". I suspect the strategy was to give the TV audience the impression that Maine and the other states were unanimous in support of Senator McCain.

Through it all, I was proud of my fellow Ron Paul delegates who comported themselves in a dignified, respectful, and civil manner just as Congress Paul has throughout ten terms in Congress, despite being maligned by his fellow Republicans and Democrats alike. I am especially proud of all the Ron Paul people back home, especially the newcomers to the process, who got off their couches and got involved to try to help our country.