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Pat LaMarche

Quote of the Day: Ouch

"So, there is no woman political columnist to speak of in Maine. That’s not my opinion, that’s a fact."

-Sen. Cynthia Dill, on her blog.


"Ouch, I'm hurt."

-BDN columnist Pat LaMarche, in the first comment.

A Majority Party

From Pat LaMarche's BDN column today:

No, we Greens are expected to lose the big races. But still, we win the majority of the little races in which we run. You can see the official tallies at gp.org. Because of that success, incrementally larger races have to be fixed before they’re begun.

From gp.org:

Summary Of 2008
Total Greens Elected: 48
Total Candidates Running: 299

Summary Of 2009
Total Greens Elected: 50
Total Candidates Running: 144

More Green Conflict Now

MPBN picks up on the Green divide (basically Pat LaMarche vs. every serious environmentalist in the state):

LaMarche was featured at a Thursday event at a Westbrook car dealership promoting the More Green Now campaign. In response, the opposing campaign quickly issued a statement from another Green Independent, Lynne Williams.

"We wanted to make sure, and reiterate the fact, and set the record straight that environmentalists are not for this issue," says Lizzy Reinholt, a spokesperson for the NO on 2 campaign.[...]

The Green Independent Party, in the meantime, has not taken a position on Question 2, but plans to, says Anna Trevorrow, chair of the party's steering committee. She doesn't say which way the party is leaning, but says one question members will have is whether promoting new vehicle sales - and the production of new cars -- are in the best interests of the environment.

Full audio:

Green Fight!

Pat LaMarche, the Maine Green Independent Party's 2006 gubernatorial candidate, apparently spoke at a rally today for "More Green Now," the group supporting the excise tax cut, likely as part of their attempt to greenwash the referendum. I'll be interested to see if the next expenditure report shows any payment for her services.

While the PAC may have found one member of the environmentally-conscious party to embrace their cynical ploy, other Greens aren't going along. Here's what Lynne Williams, recent Green Independent Party chair and now candidate for governor had to say about the initiative:

Passing Question 2 would decimate the municipalities, towns and counties in this state.

It’s not a green initiative. In fact, one of the ten key values for our party is decentralization and localization and the excise tax embodies local control. We want plowing done and local streets repaired and we want parks for our kids to play in. To take away that local control and that funding would be a disaster for Maine.

Casino Referendum Gets Personal

Dennis Bailey, executive director of CasinosNo!, has taken aim straight at pro-casino spokesperson and Green Party stalwart Pat LaMarche with a new recurring feature on the group's website "The Daily Pat Down," which will be used to respond to her public statements.

Susan Cover reports that LaMarche says bring it on, asserting that "we're more than happy to go source for source with what we've got."

Casino Referendum Gets Interesting

Seth Carey, the ethically-challenged lawyer, is no longer head of the Oxford County casino referendum effort. He's been bought out by a Vegas firm that will likely dump a ton of money into the election. Pat LaMarche is back on as spokesperson for the effort.

The referendum itself remains as pernicious as ever. Its wording would give the casino company a monopoly over gambling in the state and the group's president a seat on several state boards overseeing everything from health care efforts to education. I hope Dennis Bailey and CasinosNo! are ready for their two-front fight.