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Neil Rolde

Down East: A Red Tide

In my latest Down East column, I talk about Wednesday's legislative hearing on Sen. Damon's same-sex marriage bill.

The committee will vote on the bill on Tuesday and it's likely that the full Senate will vote on it about a week after that. The Senate vote will be the real contest, and looks to be very close. The measure has much wider support in the House. (The KJ has a good overview of the legislative process.)

If it passes both houses, the bill will head to Governor Baldacci, who has so far been content to let things play out without comment, although he was apparently listening to the audio feed from the hearing.

As I mentioned in the post, I found the history lesson given by Neil Rolde to be one of the most compelling pieces of testimony on Wednesday. Just in case you find Maine political history as interesting as I do, I've uploaded his full statement here in pdf.