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Maine Friends of Animals Targets Snowe-Mello

Robert Fisk, President of Maine Friends of Animals sends along this ad, which the organization is running in the Sun Journal as an independent expenditure (click to enlarge).

The group's involvement is obviously a response to Snowe-Mello's actions during the Buxton puppy mill rescue operation.

Fisk explains MFOA's reasoning for entering the race:

Maine Friends of Animals promotes the humane treatment of animals through education, advocacy and legislation (and politics). We are a 501 c4 which allows us to be more politically engaged. Besides our newspaper ads, MFOA has members and supporters calling and putting up road signs for Rep. Simpson. Two of us handed out Simpson literature at the New Gloucester Fair this past weekend. We encourage members to write letters to the editor. This is our focus race – it elects an animal-friendly Senator and also defeats one of the worst legislators on animal welfare. We have stressed to our members and others that many state Representative and Senate races are won by less than a few hundred votes. We want to do whatever we can get Rep. Simpson elected to also send a message to candidates that there is an organized animal protection voting bloc out there. If others wish to join our efforts contact us at mfoa@maine.rr.com.