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Matt Jacobson

New Ads from Jacobson, Abbott

Jacobson's first ad, hitting the airwaves only a week before election day:

Abbott's third ad and closing argument, highlighting his endorsements by the Maine Today papers, the Bangor Daily News and support from the chamber of commerce:

Governor's Race Rundown

The race to the Blaine House is heating up. Here's some gubernatorial errata from today:

Clean Sweep:

Today at 5pm is the deadline to qualify for clean elections funding by submitting 3,250 $5 contributions and proof of $40,000 raised in seed money. Mills, Mitchell and McGowan have all said they've already met the requirements, leaving John Richardson as the odd man out. Watch for a release from his campaign today.


Speaking of Richardson, the campaign can't have been helped by the story in Maine newspapers yesterday penned by the Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting about a patronage appointment within the DECD.

Also, the candidate's son, also named John Richardson, writes in to answer the button question: "Dad's been using that style since his first campaign signs in the late 90's. I'm not sure if he was choosing to invoke an emotional connection to Brennan, knowing him, I'm guessing he just liked the color scheme."

Unity of One:

Rosa Scarcelli sent out a release earlier this week asking her Democratic competitors to join her in a unity press conference ahead of Obama's visit today. According to spokesperson Dennis Bailey, none of them responded. "We'll do it anyway," says Bailey. "Unity of one."

Not Too Offended:

Matt Jacobson sent out a letter yesterday attacking Maine's clean election system in general and fellow Republican candidate Peter Mills specifically for running a publicly-funded campaign.

"I'm offended, and I know that you are too," wrote Jacobson.

I asked Jacobson campaign manager Bill Becker if his candidate's disapproval extended to the Republican legislative candidates running clean and if he would also be publicly asking them to refrain from using the clean elections system (71% of Republicans ran clean in 2008).

Jacobson's response:

"I expect a higher standard of leadership from gubernatorial candidates. While I would hope the financial circumstances we are experiencing would inspire all candidates to raise their own money, people aspiring to Maine's highest office have an obligation to lead and set an example. Maine's four "Clean Elections" gubernatorial candidates may well receive more than $2.4M in taxpayer dollars - just in the primary. For that amount of money, the state could certainly fund greater priorities than to buy bumper stickers and lawn signs.

"As Governor, I would have line-item vetoeed that expense this year."

Translation: "No"

Matt Jacobson as Sarah Palin

"The best sign from this morning's healthcare rally in Portland."
       - Republican gubernatorial candidate Matt Jacobson (via Twitter)

A Tale of Two Emails

How to fundraise on St. Patrick's Day:
As millions of Americans gather today to celebrate their Irish heritage, I wanted to let you know that I’m supporting my friend Patrick McGowan in his campaign for Governor of Maine[...]

Concerned about the corrosive influence of special interests money in politics, Pat is running as a Clean Elections candidate. Your commitment of just $5 will help Pat qualify for Maine’s Clean Election Fund.

Please accept my best wishes on St. Patrick’s Day – and please join me in supporting a great Irish-American, Patrick McGowan, for Governor of Maine.

Joseph P. Kennedy II

How not to fundraise on St. Patrick's day:
Top of the Morning To You![...]

On this day of wearing the green... how about sending some greenbacks to help fund this important campaign for Maine's future?

I'm not asking for the whole Pot O' Gold - but would appreciate at least $17 on March 17. Or maybe you can do the work of ten or even twenty Leprechauns by donating $170 or $340.[...]

Matt [Jacobson]

Jacobson's Radio Spot

Matt Jacobson's first radio ad, featuring the longest crescendo in Maine political history:

Poliquin Hits Back

Brian Phillips, communications director for Bruce Poliquin, emails over a response to the Jacobson campaign's statement:

"It's disappointing that Matt Jacobson has decided not to attend one of the largest Republican events in the area because he believes that he'll lose a straw poll. The voters deserve to hear from all the candidates and now that won't happen. Attacking the frontrunner is no way to get your message out.

"Contrary to his baseless conspiracy theory, we have no direct or indirect involvement with the organization of the event.

"We understand, as I'm sure Matt does, that it's difficult to do the tough work of raising money in this environment. I'm sure they are being careful with every campaign dollar, but I understand from those close to his campaign that he's having trouble raising money. So, I think that finances may play a factor in his decision not to attend. If Matt would consider changing his mind, we would be happy to pay for both Matt and his campaign manager to attend so the voters can get what they paid their hard-earned money to see."

Someone better page a doctor to the burn ward.

There's obviously no love lost between these campaigns. Both candidates are competing for the same ecological niche (along with several other contenders) - the businessman outsider who "knows how to create jobs."

Jacobson Accuses Portland Republicans of Conflict of Interest

According to a statement posted on his campaign blog, GOP gubernatorial candidate Matt Jacobson is boycotting a forum being held by the Portland City Republican Committee.

Jacobson's campaign is protesting the fact that a staff member for rival candidate Bruce Poliquin is running the event and says that this individual has likely rigged the forum in favor of his employer.

"Matt withdrew his support of the event today because of a previously undisclosed conflict of interest between Bruce Poliquin's staff and the Portland City Republican Committee," said Bill Becker, Matt Jacobson's campaign manager. "Though unknown to the other candidates, Poliquin's paid professional fundraiser was also retained by the Portland Republican Committee to orchestrate their forum. A straw poll was then added to the event without the other candidates' knowledge or consent."

"It can't be an objective and level event when one of the candidates’ staff is also the forum's organizer, and when a straw poll is held for just those attendees who had paid the high price of entry. It should have been perceived by the Poliquin campaign as a conflict of interest right from the start. Mainers expect to see campaigns that are fair, ethical and based on issues rather than tired political antics. This just doesn’t pass the straight-face test."

Down East: Job Interview

Today at Down East I talked with Republican gubernatorial candidate Matt Jacobson.

For more on the GOP's first contender for 2010, check out this interview from WGAN:

Jacobson: All Jobs, All the Time

Newly announced Republican gubernatorial candidate Matt Jacobson has done a good job sticking to a single theme in the initial media reports on his candidacy. If the election is about the faltering economy and he can continue to define himself as the "jobs" candidate, he might have a shot. That's going to be much harder to do in a few months, however, when he actually has some opponents.

Republican Announces for Governor

Matt Jacobson, the President of Maine & Co., a non-profit that helps businesses locate in Maine, has announced that he's launching a bid for the Republican gubernatorial nomination in 2010.

Jacobson was on some lists of possible contenders, but missing from others.

Jacobson's press release announcing his candidacy presages a single-issue campaign based on job creation, which could be a powerful message in tough economic times. A major weakness may be that he has never held an elected position or run for office before in his life.

Primary campaigns in Maine demand solid skills in retail politics and a strong base of support. Jacobson hasn't yet demonstrated that he possesses either. His political positions on a wide range of issues are also completely unknown.

To start to get a sense of the man as a candidate, you can check out these videos from his monthly radio appearances on the right-leaning WLOB morning show.

Click "read more" below for the full release and campaign bio. Read more »