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Martin Sheehan

Republicans Split on Local Preference Bill

Martin Sheehan, Communications Director for the Maine Heritage Policy Center, responds by email to my post on Rep. Butterfield's local preference bill:

"I like this column, but disagree with the legislation because the government should not be in the business of picking winners and losers, or in subsidizing Maine companies by putting a "tariff" on out-of-state firms."

He reiterates his group's opinion that the state should spend more money with Maine companies, but stops short of advocating for creating a legal preference.

One Republican that has declared his support for the bill, however, is Cary Weston, the chair of the Bangor City Republican Committee (and who I wrote about in this column). Weston had this to say about the proposed legislation:

Being a small business owner in Maine, I think this is a fantastic bill to support our own. This bill deserves a lot of respect and consideration and I'm hoping both sides of the aisle participate in the discussion and move this forward.

That's high praise coming from someone tasked with working to defeat Butterfield in the next election.

Weston's vocal support has prompted a spirited discussion among the posters at AMG, a right-leaning message board.