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Optimism on Equal Marriage

This week in the Kennebec Journal and Morning Sentinel, I wrote about a sense of optimism around the prospects of passing equal marriage, both here and across the country.

If you're wondering what this kind of growing, accelerating support looks like, here's a good graph from everyone's favorite poll analyst, Nate Silver:

538 equal marriage national support graph


More from Colin Woodard on the National Organization for Marriage's lawsuit to avoid revealing the source of the money it spent supporting Question 1.

No on 1 Documentary

New Left Media has produced a short, beautiful film chronicling the last two days of the No on 1 campaign.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Radio Retrospective

Click below for the audio from Big Talk on WMPG last night. We intended to discuss all the election results, but mostly ended up focusing on Question 1.

Jon Stewart Weighs In on Question 1

Bending Towards Justice

An interesting historical note from today's BDN editorial:

Maine sent mixed messages about extending voting rights to women, before finally doing so. After the Legislature strongly endorsed women's suffrage in 1917, a people’s veto took back those voting rights. Two years later, however, Maine voters changed course and voted to ratify the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which extended the right to vote to women.

The Day After

A heartbreaking gathering today on the steps of Portland's City Hall:

Full video.

Election Night Live Blog

Live blog over, election night posts can be found on twitter.

Not sure how much of a chance I'll get to blog tonight, but I'll try to keep up the twitter feed above. Feel free to give me a call or an email using the links above and on the right.

Last year, the BDN was the best at getting numbers online. Here's their results page.


Know of another online resource? Please leave a comment.

Equal Marriage Supporters Fault White House

There's an interesting controversy playing out today on the pages of some national blogs about whether President Obama should have done more to oppose Question 1.

In particular, John Aravosis at America Blog has noted that Organizing for America, the successor to the Obama campaign and now a part of the DNC, sent an email to its Maine list asking them to phonebank for Governor Corzine's re-election in New Jersey but failing to mention the election in Maine.

The DNC has apparently denied that such an email was sent to Mainers, but I can confirm that I received it and have never been on their list as anything but a resident of Maine. Here's a screenshot with the gist of the email.

Overall, this seems like something that could be better discussed after the election. We still have 3 hours to GOTV.


A look at the Get Out The Vote efforts on Question 1:

And Question 4: