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Market Decisions

Mainers Support a Public Option, Not Current State of Reform

The Market Decisions poll released today has 46% of Mainers sampled opposing the "Obama/Congressional health reform proposal" while 39% support it.

Setting aside for the moment the fact that there isn't a specific proposal to be for or against, the interesting part of this poll is the reason why it seems that Mainers have turned against the kind of reform that may now be considered by Congress.

Using a rather strangely worded question ("The plan could include a government insurance option or it could have the government negotiate with private insurers to have them offer insurance that meets specifications. Which of these two approaches would you prefer?") the survey found that 44% of Mainers support a public option, 28% support greater controls on insurance companies and 4% support both equally. Only 16% are against both kinds of reform.

It seems a significantly larger number of Mainers support a public option than support the current "proposal" and almost all Mainers support at least some reform. It's likely that a significant number of Maine people who now say they don't support the "Obama/Congressional health reform proposal" do so because it doesn't go nearly far enough.

I hope that's made clear in any media coverage of this survey.

The poll also found that 50% of Mainers support government plans covering abortions, with only 36% opposed and that 55% support increased taxes on the wealthy to pay for reform.

The poll sampled 401 Maine residents (not voters) over a period of more than two weeks in late January and early February and is believed to have a 4.9% margin of error, 95 times out of 100.

Poll: Only Question 2 Competitive

A new Market Decisions poll has the casino referendum statistically tied, but shows large margins in favor of Obama, Collins, and for repealing the beverage tax.

President: Obama 52%, McCain 33%
US Senate: Collins 54%, Allen 37%
Question 1: Yes 66%, No 28%
Question 2: Yes 49%, No 48%

The survey of 387 likely Maine voters was taken from October 13–26 with a margin of error of ±5%, 95 times out of 100.

This poll has a smaller sample size and was taken over a longer period than some of the other recent surveys. Polling even is good for CasinosNo!, as undecided voters are thought to be more likely to ultimately vote "No" (in favor of the status quo) on any given referendum.