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Marc Mutty


A look at the Get Out The Vote efforts on Question 1:

And Question 4:

Question 1: Mutty Vs. Bonauto

Mary Bonauto of Protect Maine Equality and Marc Mutty of Stand For Marriage Maine face off on WLBZ/WCSH:

Ramping Up

WCSH's Vivien Leigh visits the headquarters and provides a snapshot of both sides of the equal marriage campaign:

Gay marriage opponents continue to push for public debates on the issue, which they obviously feel would be a good forum for their arguments. A podium to podium match-up would steer the contest towards a dry policy discussion and away from the kind of powerful and effective personal appeals from equal marriage supporters like those seen at the bill's public hearing and in their TV ads.

Equal Marriage on the Air

For a good overview of each side's arguments in the same-sex marriage debate, check out this podcast of Nicole Witherbee from the Maine Center for Economic Policy discussing the legislation with Sen. Dennis Damon and Betsy Smith of Equality Maine:

...and this interview with Mark Mutty of the Portland Catholic Dioceses on WGAN:

Damon also discusses what led him to submit the bill, the correspondence he's received from his constituents, and the next steps in passing the legislation.