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Libby Mitchell

Vampire Tracker

Quote of the day, from a Republican Journal piece on Mitchell's tour of Belfast:

When asked if he had come to Chase's specifically to catch up with Mitchell, the tracker offered a correction: "Not chase. Track. I'm tracking her."

No, Chase's Daily. The restaurant.

"Oh yeah," said the tracker. "Great restaurant.”

He had been at the church earlier, he said, but he didn’t want to bother the candidates there. "I don't step on holy ground," he said.

LePage's New Campaign Anthem

All aboard!

I had intended to write my Down East piece for tomorrow on Neil Rolde's new political novel O. Murray Carr, but that will have to wait. The amount of concentrated insanity packed into Paul LePage's Freedom Train event is impossible to ignore.

Parade of Candidates

Mitchell and LePage marching in the Bangor/Brewer July 4th parade:

Mitchell's Acceptance Speech

Some great footage from Dirigo Blue:

The General Election

Some thoughts on Tuesday's results, written stream-of-consciousness style.

Moody is in.

Clinton Makes a Call for Mitchell

This robocall hit the phones of Democrats all over the state yesterday:

Last-Minute Ads

Libby Mitchell's closing argument:

And new ads from Les Otten and Bruce Poliquin (via Augusta Insider) featuring, respectively, Hitler and lens flares:

Dem Convention Photos

Some great photos accompany Rebekah Metzler's Sun Journal story on yesterday's Democratic convention:

Mitchell Ads Are Up

Libby Mitchell is on the air with two ads highlighting her work in the legislature, efforts to create jobs and endorsement by Bill Clinton.

The campaign plans to stay up until election day with a heavy buy in an attempt to solidify and maintain Mitchell's edge in name recognition.

Steve Rowe, the only Democrat not currently running ads, plans to have spots up by the end of the week.

Mitchell Campaign Releases Favorable Poll

Libby Mitchell's campaign today released an internal poll showing the Senate President far ahead of her competitors in the Democratic gubernatorial primary. According to the survey of "587 registered and likely June Democratic primary voters" interviewed April 11-14 by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research, Mitchell is in the lead with 36% followed by Rowe with 16%, McGowan with 13%, Richardson with 5% and Scarcelli with 4%.

This is the Mitchell campaign's own poll, so take it with a handful of salt.

If accurate, it shows that Mitchell likely has a significant name recognition advantage going into the television advertising wars that are about to begin. Who ends that fight with the advantage and wins the primary is still anyone's guess.

Full polling memo here, including name ID and favorability ratings.