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Leigh Donaldson

Columnist Was A Repeat Offender

As Al Diamon noted in a post last week, Portland Press Herald columnist Leigh Donaldson recently parted ways with the paper due to his commission of plagiarism.

Despite Donaldson's claim that "this has never happened before. I’m usually very careful about attributing," Anneli Rufus, the author at AlterNet from whom Donaldson copied, says his intellectual dishonesty is part of a pattern.

In a follow-up piece at AlterNet, Rufus gives proof that Donaldson also plagiarized two other columns and says that "they’re not the only ones."

It's difficult to tell how many of Donaldson's columns are plagiarized as he seems to have slightly reworded each unattributed, stolen passage, making detection through an internet search more difficult. Donaldson finally got caught, according to Rufus, after he claimed to have interviewed a Florida detective who he never actually spoke to. The detective then contacted Rufus, who had actually conducted the interview, and the jig was up.