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Lance Harvell

Down East: Buy Local

I take a look at LD 327 over at Down East today. The bill would give a preference to local businesses when they bid for state contracts. (the links in that post seem a bit wonky, but you get the picture)

Lance Harvell was indeed sworn in as a legislator wearing a Pittsburgh Steelers tie. The Bulldog has a great photo:

Harvell Wins By Wide Margin

The Bulldog reports that Republican Lance Harvell has defeated Democrat Dennis Haszko to win the special election in House District 89. Harvell won by a 2 to 1 margin to take the seat vacated by Democratic Attorney General Janet Mills. He will represent the towns of Farmington and Industry.

Harvell garnered 1,235 votes to Haszko’s 617.

One seat changing hands will have a minuscule effect on the balance of power in the House. Democrats still hold a 40-seat advantage (95D, 55R).

During his campaign, Harvell pledged to work to cut funding to the Department of Health and Human Services and to end the Dirigo Health Program.

Election Day

The special election for Janet Mills' house seat in Farmington is going on right now. Here's my profile of the candidates. You can watch them debate here.

The Daily Bulldog, an online newspaper covering Franklin County, has had great coverage of the race and will likely have timely results.

Word is the absentee ballots have heavily favored Harvell, the Republican.

Down East: Special Election

For my column this week, I talked to Lance Harvell and Dennis Haszko, the two candidates running to replace Janet Mills in HD 89.

Another Election!

The governor's office has announced that the special election for District 89 will be held on February 3rd. The district, which includes Farmington and Industry, was left without a representative when Janet Mills was appointed Attorney General.

Candidates must be selected by local party committees by January 5th. One Democrat, Dennis Haszko, and one Republican, Lance Harvell, have declared their intentions to seek the seat.