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Joseph Ponte

Private Prison Firm Getting What They Paid For?

As I've reported both on my blog and in this week's Portland Phoenix, Governor Paul LePage was helped into office by the largess of fifty out of state corporations and industry associations, to which he now owes a considerable political debt.

One of those, the private prison builder/operator Corrections Corporation of America, seems to be getting an excellent return on their $25,000 investment in LePage's candidacy. Even before being sworn in, Mr. LePage vowed to help CCA build Maine's first private prison in Milo. Now he's showing how he plans to do that.

Yesterday, Gov. LePage announced he is nominating one of CCA's own wardens to head the Department of Corrections. MPBN reports nominee Joseph Ponte has served as a warden of a CCA prison in Nevada since 2006, though the governor didn't highlight this in his written comments to the press.
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