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Jill Duson

Collateral Damage or Portland Mayoral Candidate?

If only there was a feminine version of the word “avuncular.” That’s what I was thinking as my two-year old daughter and I sat down over a cup of coffee with At-Large City Councilor Dory Waxman. Dory is like that passionate great aunt every family seems to have: the one who’s energetic, artistic, and passionately political. She doted over my daughter, reminisced about raising her own kids, and talked about her new apron-making business.

We met up at my suggestion because her story is one that hasn’t gotten much attention. “People don’t really know or understand that I won’t be on the council,” she said when we sat down. Waxman is the elected mayor martyr—except martyr isn’t quite the right word. Is there a word for someone who makes an unwilling sacrifice? I would use the word “victim,” except that definitely doesn’t describe Dory. The Pentagon would probably just label her as political collateral damage.

That’s because Waxman’s city council seat is being eliminated to make room for our new elected mayor. There is a certain degree of irony to this political story.  Three years ago, Waxman faced off against Ed Suslovic for the at-large council seat. The race was hard fought. With the debate regarding the Maine State Pier fresh in voters’ minds, passions ran hot. Ultimately, Waxman defeated Suslovic, the then-sitting un-elected mayor. Now she is being defeated by the new elected mayor—whoever that may be. Read more »

Mayor of the Dance

What's better than watching Portland Mayor Jill Duson and friends do the electric slide to raise money for community television?

Putting the video through the Benny Hill filter:

Mayor Dusan Blogs about Meeting Obama

Portland Mayor Jill Duson has a diary over at TMB describing her experiences as a part of the US Conference of Mayors' delegation to meet with President Obama and his cabinet.

When my turn came, he thanked Maine for the work our two Senators did to assure passage of the stimulus package and I confirmed that our state is very proud of the roles our two Senators. I asserted that we are committed to making the promise of the stimulus, real for the Greater Portland region. And we, as well as our Governor and his administration welcome the reporting process to gather data, track distribution and measure the results of this unprecedented investment.