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Jennifer Rooks

LePage Gets Punchy

LePage on the set of MaineWatch, displaying his disgust for public radio reporters:

CD2 Debate Highlights

I'll let all the others talk about (hey, Kaplan's back!) the recent US Senate debates. I'd like to focus on the much more entertaining second district congressional debate between Congressman Mike Michaud and cantankerous Spanish-American War veteran John Frary.

The debate itself was thoroughly enjoyable to watch (assuming you didn't try to watch it on TV), mostly because both candidates seemed to be having a lot of fun.

Here are some highlights of Frary's enthusiastic rantings:

On a more serious note, the part of the debate I found most interesting was Mike Michaud's dance on abortion. Debate moderator Jennifer Rooks also took note and discussed it on MaineWatch the next day. Here's the clip:

Update: Frary's former employer, the Kennebec Journal, has no love for the professor, but he has gained some support from north of the border. Some writers for the Calgary-based libertarian publication Western Standard are big fans.