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Jeff Parsons

Collins Story Spreads

The story of Susan Collins gossiping about John Edwards affair has spread far and wide in both traditional and electronic media. Here's the story from WGME:

Jeff Parsons, the morning show host who posted the original video to the internet, has a compendium of the coverage so far on his blog:

I'll add a few more:

Lewiston Sun Journal
Kennebec Journal
The Associated Press
As Maine Goes

Gerald at TMB attempts to rise above the scurrilousness and faults the radio hosts for not calling Collins on false policy statements. I think he expects way too much of these morning show hosts. I'm just glad they discussed some issues, fawning and facile as their questions may have been. In a recent interview with Barack Obama that Parsons links to, they asked such questions as "Are you hinting Hillary is gay?" "Do you ever just want to smack her [Hilary Clinton]?" and "Obama kinda sounds like Osama, does that worry you?"