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The Day After

It's tough to write something down today - there's so much to say. I'll have a lot more analysis once the results are finalized, but it looks like the Democrats have increased their majorities in both the Maine House and Senate (as well as holding both US House seats, winning big in the presidential tally, and losing the US Senate contest in a landslide, in case you weren't paying attention).

Here are the current results (some races will go to recounts):
House: 96D, 54R, 1U
Senate: 20D, 15R

Some interesting notes:

There was record-breaking turnout.

Democrats appear to have knocked off two incumbent Republican state senators - Paula Benoit (SD 19) and Lois Snowe-Mello (SD 15). I'm going to go ahead and take credit for Snowe-Mello's loss.

Initial results show eight incumbents defeated in the House; Republicans Donna Wallace Finley, Bonnie Gould, Donald Marean, John McDonough, Gary Wayne Moore, Michael Vaughan and Robert Walker and Democrat Timothy Carter.

Kevin Wack hypothesizes that Allen's big margin of defeat may end his political career.

Despite losing by a large margin, Charlie Summers refused to concede the CD1 race last night. Here's some video of his remarks after the win was projected for Pingree.

PolitickerME did pretty well with their predictions.

Portland Mayor Ed Suslovic lost a close race against fellow Democrat Dory Waxman for his at-large city council seat.

The Bond issue was a squeaker - way closer than I thought it would be (or almost anyone else thought it would be, based on the betting pool results).

Maine GOP Exuctive Director Julie O'Brien lost her Augusta house race decisively to Democrat Anna Blodgett.

Democratic GOTV volunteers prevented a house fire.