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Hannah Pingree

Sippy Cups vs. Jobs - A False Choice

While many Mainers were enjoying a romantic and chocolate-laden Valentine's Day, hundreds of their neighbors spent the day at the State House, where the Regulatory Fairness & Reform Committee met from 9 am until nearly 7 pm taking testimony on LD 1 and the Governor's Phase 1 regulatory reform plan, including a 48-page amendment that was handed to the Committee during the public hearing. The testimony was overwhelmingly in opposition to the Governor's plan, echoing what we heard at 7 regional hearings over the past 3 weeks - watch the videos here.

On Monday, the Committee heard from the Governor's legal counsel, Dan Billings, who made it clear that while several of the most controversial rollbacks in in Phase 1 were left out of the amendment (for example, the Kids-Safe Products Act, banning Bis-A from sippy cups, clean air protections, eliminating LURC and zoning 3 million acres for development), Governor LePage has NOT backed away from these rollbacks and will be supporting legislation to implement them as we go forward. Read more »

TIME for Pingree

Fresh off her Marie Claire appearance, Maine House Speaker Hannah Pingree has been named to TIME's "40 Under 40" list of young civic leaders.

Hannah Pingree in Marie Claire

Maine House Speaker Hannah Pingree is featured in this month's Marie Claire for her impressive accomplishments as a young woman and bright future in politics. She's described as "The next Nancy Pelosi." Here's a video of the photoshoot:

Pingree, Mitchell Assume Statehouse Leadership

Here's some video of Hannah Pingree and Libby Mitchell accepting their respective positions as Speaker of the Maine House and President of the Maine Senate.

PolitickerME has video of the acceptance speeches from the constitutional officers.