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Greg White

Maine Health Care Showdown Looms

In case you haven't heard, this morning the Maine House will vote on a proposal to roll back health insurance laws in Maine. The bill would allow insurance companies to charge more based on age and area of residence and to bypass regulations by setting up shop in another state with weaker protections and selling across state lines.

It will likely harm seniors, people with pre-existing conditions, small business owners, and people who live in parts of Maine with less access to health care.

I say likely because at this point, Maine people haven't actually seen the whole bill, much less been given time to understand it. These provisions were rammed through as an amendment on Friday, increasing the bill (LD 1333) from four to 29 pages without a public hearing. Then, more changes were made yesterday afternoon after it was discovered that portions of the bill violated federal law.

In fact, the only people that seem to know everything that's in the law at this point are the insurance companies and the right-wing Maine Heritage Policy Center, both of whom bill supporters admit had a hand in writing the legislation. Read more »