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Glenn Cummings

Portland Obama Office Photos

Some great photos from the Portland office opening on the Obama campaign's Flickr site.

After watching Big Boi and Mary J. Blige's latest music video, I expected a bit more dancing.

Obama Pumping Up Voters

Barack Obama's Maine "Campaign for Change" will be holding voter registration events at three Maine gas stations today in Portland, Lewiston, and Whiting. The campaign is obviously looking to highlight Obama's energy plan, which is also a centerpiece of his latest TV ads.

This Saturday, Governor Baldacci and Speaker Cummings will be on hand to help open the campaign's Portland Office.

McCain Wrong on LIHEAP

Maine Democrats hit McCain on an issue close to home during his trip to southern Maine yesterday, staging an event in Portland on the issue of home energy and promoting a report listing four times that McCain has voted against the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, which provides help to 46,000 households in Maine.

House Speaker Glenn Cummings had this quote in the Portland Press Herald:

"Having voted time and again to deny home heating assistance to Mainers in need, it is clear that John McCain is out of touch with the challenges facing Maine families."